CND Plexigel - Protector Top Coat - 0.5oz


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A clear, high-gloss, protective top coat designed to complete the final layer of Plexigel enhancements.

What it does:
Provides a layer of shine and protection for the enhancement for 3+ weeks.

• Non-yellowing formula provides color stability for clear enhancements.
• Light-cure system is compatible with the CND™ SHELLAC™ Gel Polish system, using the CND™ LED Lamp.
• Provides high shine and protection for negative space nail art.

• Gently roll the bottle to blend.
• Apply a layer of Protector Top Coat over cured and/or finished Shaper or Builder gel.
• Cure in the CND™ LED Lamp using preset button 3.
• Lightly wipe to remove top film with 99% IPA.

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